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State of Illinois
Type Judicial
Timeline Typically 210 days
Right of Redemption None
Deficiency Judgment Allowed Yes
Primary Security Instrument Mortgage

Illinois foreclosure law states that at least 30 days prior to the entry of a judgment of foreclosure, any person identified in the affidavit shall be given a notice of the foreclosure. A notice of foreclosure, whether the foreclosure is initiated by complaint or counterclaim, shall be constructive notice of the pendency of the foreclosure to every person claiming an interest in or lien on the mortgaged real estate, whose interest or lien has not been recorded prior to the recording of such notice of foreclosure. Such notice of foreclosure must be executed by any party or any party's attorney and shall include the names of all plaintiffs and the case number, the court in which the action was brought, the names of title holders of record, a legal description of the real estate sufficient to identify it with reasonable certainty, a common address or description of the location of the real estate and identification of the mortgage sought to be foreclosed.

The notice of sale shall include at least the following information:

The name, address and telephone number of the person to contact for information regarding the real estate, the address of the property, a legal description of the property, a description of the improvements, the time and place of sale, the times specified in the judgment, the case title, number, and court which the foreclosure was filed, and terms of the sale.

Illinois foreclosure law states that the notice of sale shall be published at least 3 consecutive calendar weeks (Sunday through Saturday), once in each week, the first such notice to be published not more than 45 days prior to the sale, the last such notice to be published not less than 7 days prior to the sale, by: (A) advertisements in a newspaper circulated to the general public in the county in which the real estate is located, in the section of that newspaper where legal notices are commonly placed and (B) separate advertisements in the section of such a newspaper, which (except in counties with a population in excess of 3,000,000) may be the same newspaper, in which real estate other than real estate being sold as part of legal proceedings is commonly advertised to the general public; provided, that the separate advertisements in the real estate section need not include a legal description and that where both advertisements could be published in the same newspaper and that newspaper does not have separate legal notices and real estate advertisement sections, a single advertisement with the legal description shall be sufficient; and (ii) such other publications as may be further ordered by the court.

The party who gives notice of public sale shall also give notice to all parties in the action who have appeared and have not theretofore been found by the court to be in default for failure to plead. Such notice shall be given in the manner provided in the applicable rules of court for service of papers other than process and complaint, not more than 45 days nor less than 7 days prior to the day of sale. After notice is given as required in this Section a copy thereof shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the court entering the judgment, together with a certificate of counselor other proof that notice has been served in compliance with this Section.

Notice of the sale may be given prior to the expiration of any reinstatement period or redemption period. No other notice by publication or posting shall be necessary unless required by order or rule of the court.

The person named in the notice of sale to be (e) Receipt upon Sale. Upon and at the sale of mortgaged real estate, the person conducting the sale shall give to the purchaser a receipt of sale. The receipt shall describe the real estate purchased and shall show the amount bid, the amount paid, the total amount paid to date and the amount still to be paid therefore. An additional receipt shall be given at the time of each subsequent payment.

Upon payment in full of the amount bid, the person conducting the sale shall issue, in duplicate, and give to the purchaser a Certificate of Sale. The Certificate of Sale shall be in a recordable form, describe the real estate purchased, indicate the date and place of sale and show the amount paid therefore. The Certificate of Sale shall further indicate that it is subject to confirmation by the court. The duplicate certificate may be recorded in accordance with Section 12 121. The Certificate of Sale shall be freely assignable by endorsement thereon.

Interest after Sale. Any bid at sale shall be deemed to include, without the necessity of a court order, interest at the statutory judgment rate on any unpaid portion of the sale price from the date of sale to the date of payment.

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